Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How do I find out how much my ticket is?
Answer: Contact the court via phone 201-858-6934 or non-traffic 201-858-6918.
Question: If I wish to pay my ticket, what information do you need from me?
Answer: You can pay via the internet,; you will need the following; Bayonne court code 0901, ticket prefix, ticket number, and license plate number.  If you choose to mail in your payment, simply include the ticket number on your check or money order.
Question: How do I schedule a court date?
Answer: You should contact the court at least 7 days prior to the date on the bottom of your ticket to enter your plea of either guilty or not guilty.
Question: Are there any points assessed on a moving violation?
Answer: The court does not assess points, that is done administratively by the Director of the Motor Vehicle Commission.  You should contact the DMV in the state where you received your license to drive with questions regarding points or the status of your driver's license.
Question: What is a plea agreement?
Answer: A plea agreement is a way to settle a case without a trial if your case qualifies.
Question: Am I eligible for a Public Defender?
Answer: To see if you are eligible for a Public Defender you must first fill out a financial questionnaire to establish your eligibility.  The Judge will review the completed form and grant his approval if you entitled.  This is done on your scheduled court date.
Question: How can I file a complaint?
Answer: All complaints are accepted for filing. A probable cause determination will be determined by a judicial officer of the court.
Question: How can I appeal a decision of the Court?
Answer: If you disagree with the Judge's decision, you may appeal.  You must file the appeal within 20 calendar days of your conviction.  You will be required to pay a deposit that will be applied against the cost of preparing the transcript. This can be done at the court office.  For further information regarding filing a appeal click How to Appeal a decision of a Municipal Court.